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Stainless Steel For Plastic Mold
Nov 06, 2017

Stainless steel for plastic mold

It is not good to choose the most expensive materials when designing the mould, but according to the characteristics of the product, choose suitable materials to save money.

And durable if the proper material selection, each year in the material price, mold production, mold maintenance, die life, etc, can save a lot of money and create profitable Zhang Zhuo jiangsu thyssen steel Beijing office as early as 100 years ago, the industry was very rich.

Life utensils use metal as the shell and decoration, because the shell often used iron, so it is easy to rust, so on the surface add paint or porcelain to protect.

To this end, KRUPP (KRUPP) studied, invented stainless steel and patented it.

Does not need to surface treatment of stainless steel, acid proof, rust, greatly improve the table 1 thyssenkrupp company different USES stainless steel serial number model application antirust steel and high precision photometric characteristics of stainless steel hardness.

High precision optical mirror stainless steel corrosion resistant stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel high temperature resistance and high toughness wear-resisting stainless steel free cutting stainless steel die life and beautiful, but the early because the price is too high, has not been widely used.

Until the second world war, there was a surge in demand for appliances, and stainless steel began to become popular.

Stainless steel as surface decoration also began to widely used, especially the kitchen utensils and appliances, such as toast oven, coffee furnace, car ornaments, stainless steel is widely used in mechanical parts and building decoration.

Today, the application of stainless steel is very wide, and there is a great demand for plastic mold.

With the production, the development of high-performance plastics and plastic products species increased, increasing use, products to the motors, large scale, complicated development, molding to the high speed development, mould work condition is complex, a large part in foreign countries have used stainless steel precision mold manufacturing internal model.

General plastic mold of the main problems are as follows: surface wear live thermosetting plastic to the mold surface friction is serious, can cause surface hair, and make the cavity surface is rough, polishing, regularly by repeated after polishing, but by the dry cavity size out-of-tolerance and scrap.

When the plastics contain the solid inorganic filler such as mica powder, silica sand, glass fiber, it will obviously aggravate the wear of the mould.

Due to the presence of chlorine, fluorine and other elements in the plastic, the heat will break up the strong corrosive gas, such as HCI and HF, and erode the surface of the mold, which can aggravate the wear of the mould and scrap it.

When the plastic deformation fails, the small mould can easily produce surface sag, wrinkle, collapse, etc., and it is easier to produce plastic deformation outside the corners.

The failure of plastic deformation is mainly due to the lack of hardness, deformation resistance or the softening of the temperature of the working temperature.

Fracture fracture is formed by the shape of dry plastic products, which has many angles, thin walls and other parts, which can cause stress concentration and fracture in these parts.

The main reason is the structural stress caused by structural temperature difference, thermal stress or insufficient tempering, which is caused by the tissue stress generated inside the mould at the temperature.

In response to the above problems and application requirements, thyssenkrupp has developed a variety of stainless steel molds for customer selection (see table 1 and table 2).

Due to the mold using the performance requirements, thyssenkrupp companies are more likely than others to meet customer needs, stainless steel varieties alone is more than the other steel mills, each steel with the use of different user needs, make it easier for customers to choose the right material, improve the die life.


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