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Storage And Maintenance Is An Important Task That Can Not Be Neglected In Plastic Moulds.
May 10, 2018

Storage and maintenance is an important task that can not be neglected in plastic moulds.

The storage and management of plastic moulds is an important work in the injection industry. If the storage and management of the mold is not in place, it will cause the damage of the plastic mold. Looking for mold for a long time or using a wrong mold or even losing the mold.

Mold injection is a very precise work, high cost, need to carry out "dust proof, rust proof, anti pressure" protection: after the production is finished, we should do well the inspection and anti rust work of the mould, put the mold on the die frame according to the regulations, according to the requirements of the use, maintenance and maintenance of the mould, the use of the mold to prevent the people from being used. In order to inadvertently damage the mold, prolong the service life of the mold, ensure the smooth production and the stable quality of the product, reduce the time and the bad rate and material consumption of the downtime, reduce the cost of production.

Plastic mould storage place requires smooth, dry and clean, easy for lifting and handling. Small mold can be set up storage rack, arranged in order, large molds can be placed directly on the mat side. Storage should be classified and divided, and moulds for the same product should be placed together. The specific methods of storage are difficult to enforce because of the actual conditions and conditions of different units. Most of the injection moulds are valued by operators, but they are often neglected during storage, resulting in numerous losses.

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