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Summary Of The Two Forming Mould (rubber Mold) And Two Color Mold
May 10, 2018

Summary of the two forming mould (rubber mold) and two color mold

Attention should be paid to the location of hard rubber parts in the two mold design. It is necessary to ensure reliable sealing and reverse slope holes on the rubber parts, so as to prevent adhesive deformation.

At present, double color die is becoming more and more popular in the market. This process can make the appearance of the product more beautiful, easy to change color but can not be sprayed, but the cost is expensive and the technical requirement is high.

1, two CAVITY and CORE water distribution as far as possible, and balanced, the same.

2, 99% of the situation is first injection of hard rubber part of the product, and then injection molding products soft rubber part. Because the soft glue is easy to deform.

3, pay attention to the positioning of the front and rear mold; all the insertion and break of the slope should be as large as 0.1mm.

4, the two shapes of Cavity are different, forming 1 kinds of products respectively. And the two shapes of the Core are exactly the same.

5, the mold's front and back mold must be 180o after the center rotates. This check action must be done at design time.

6. The nozzle of the three plate mold is preferably designed to be automatic ejection. Special attention should be paid to whether the ejection action of the soft rubber nozzle is reliable.

7, the depth of the front SPRUE does not exceed 65mm. The distance from the top of the upper side (SPRUE) to the center of the mold is not less than 150mm.

8, injection molding, the first injection molding product size can be slightly larger to make it in the second molding can be more tight with the other CAVITY, in order to meet the sealing effect.

9, pay attention to the second injection, whether the flow of plastic will impulse the first already formed product, make its glue position deformation? If there is this possibility, we must try to improve it.

10, in order to make the two kinds of plastic more sticky, we should consider the "Stickiness" between the materials and the roughness of the mold surface. Bicolor injection has special TPU; and the more smooth the mold surface, the more sticky they are.

11. Before A and B plate closing, should the front die Slider or Lifter be reset first to crush the product? So, it is necessary to make the A and B plate fit the die first, and then the SLIDER or LIFET of the front die can be reset.

12. The total thickness of the front panel plus A board should not be less than 170mm. Please take a closer look at other reference data of this type of injection molding machine, for example, the maximum thickness of the injection mold, the minimum thickness of the mold, the distance between the top hole and so on.

13, pay attention to the pinhole position, the minimum distance is 210mm. Large mold must be properly increased the number of rod holes. Moreover, because the thimble attached to the injection molding machine is not long enough, we must design an elongated thimble in the mold, and the thimble will grow about 150mm of the mold base. 2 positioning rings must be designed on the back die floor.

14, when designing the second injection CAVITY, we can design a part of the avoidance of the first place that has been molded by CAVITY. However, it is necessary to carefully consider the strength of each sealing site, that is, in the injection molding, will there be a plastic deformation under the large injection pressure, which may lead to the possibility of a batch front in the second injection molding.

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