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Template Design For Mold
Oct 18, 2017

Template design for mold

Main template of continuous mould punch fixed plate, pressure plate, mother templates, etc., its structure design, according to the precision of stamping products, production, mold, mold processing equipment and processing method of maintenance mode has the following three forms: (1) the whole block type, (2) the yoke type, (3) insert type.

1. The whole block

The entire block template is also called an integrated structure, and its processing shape must be closed. The whole block template is mainly used for simple mold structure or precision is not high, its processing method is given priority to with machining (without heat treatment), using heat treatment of the template to discharge wire-cutting processing or machining and grinding. In the case of the template length (continuous mould), two or more pieces of one size will be used.

2. The yoke type

The central part of the yoke form is processed into a groove to assemble a block. The construction of the groove can be constructed according to the application requirements. The advantages of the yoke template structure are: the groove machining is easy, the width of the groove is adjustable, the machining accuracy is good. But the new low is its drawback.

3. Insert type

Template processing the concave part of round or square, will block part with embedded in the template, this template is called insert type structure, the structure of the processing accumulated less tolerance, just high, decomposition and immediately set the precision of good reappearance. Because of its easy to machining, the machining accuracy is determined by the mechanical work less, the adjustment of engineering, insert type template structure has become the mainstream in precision stamping die, but the downside is need high precision hole processing machine.

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