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The Development Of Mould Industry Is High End And Actively Meets The Challenge
May 08, 2018

The development of mould industry is high end and actively meets the challenge

According to customs statistics, in 2008, the total import and export volume of China's mould was 3 billion 926 million US dollars. Among them, total imports amounted to US $2 billion 4 million and total exports amounted to US $1 billion 922 million. In 2009, the total import and export volume of China's mould was 3 billion 807 million US dollars, down 3.03% from 2008. The total imports amounted to US $1 billion 964 million, a decrease of 2% over 2008, and total exports of US $1 billion 843 million, a decrease of 4.11% over 2008. In 2009, under the impact of the international financial crisis, the volume of imports and exports has declined, and the deficit has always been there. Why keep the trade deficit of the mold industry? Luo Baihui analysis thinks that there are two main reasons: 1, the State encourages the import policy.

Technology is not "Nurturing" but "buying". This is a strategy of industry development that has always been adhered to by Chinese enterprises. We are aware of the technical disadvantages of technology, especially in the field of core manufacturing, and countries and enterprises are determined to change the current passive dilemma, in order to speed up the pace of development and shorten the time of technological upgrading. Both government and enterprises tend to buy technology and machinery, and equipment should be highly configured. It takes more time to cultivate talents than to buy them. Now, there are many private enterprises whose equipment is more advanced than those of foreign enterprises and Japan. They also employ Japanese technicians, technical advisers and deputy general managers to guide them on the spot. It is precisely that we spare no effort to introduce high priced machinery and equipment and talents, and maintain the trade deficit for so many years.

Although China has a large trade surplus every year, the deficit is still in the mold industry every year. According to the data provided by the China mould industry association, since twenty-first Century, China's mould sales have increased by an average annual rate of about 20%, and the sales of mould products in China in 2009 are nearly 100 billion yuan. But every year, the trade deficit of the mould industry is around 1 billion yuan. Why is the mold industry as the mother of industry weakening all along? In order to reveal the trade deficit of the mould trade and discuss the long-term development of the mould, the executive secretary of the international mould and hardware plastic industry association, Luo Bai Hui, has carried out an in-depth analysis.

2, the high-end technology needs to be promoted.

At present, more than 40% of the world's mold products are made in China. Some of the world's top IT and digital products are made from China, and the level of China in the field of mold manufacturing has been in line with the international standards. But in the high-end precision machine tool technology, we still have a gap, the main reason is that the country in the control of technology is restricting the outflow of technology, Japan, Germany for high-end machine tools are restricted export, for example, the high-end five axis machine tools of de Maji limit export to China. Even high-end technology workers are also limited in employment. They are worried that the loss of personnel is also accompanied by technological outflow. Another more important factor is that we do not cultivate talents and do not attach importance to the habit of technology research and development. This reason is related to the above "pay attention to buying" only.

How to make the Chinese mold industry grow healthier?

1, the national policy should be re trained.

On the one hand, we should give equal treatment to foreign capital and private enterprises, and we should listen more to the industry's voice in taxation and other policies. Before the automobile industry attention to the die import bill, the standard of taxation is not divided according to "B" "wheelbase" and "displacement", but in accordance with the price, that is, the import of the mold if the production of more than 300 thousand yuan of the car, it is proposed to give tax exemption, whether or not to pay taxes. Such a bill promotes the production of some low quality moulds in China, and is indeed conducive to the development of the domestic industry.

On the other hand, the state has focused on training a number of backbone enterprises. In recent years, the development of China's mold manufacturing technology has been greatly improved, some of which have reached the international level. In the list of the 95 key Chinese key die and mould enterprises, the list of the key key enterprises of China's automobile panel dies, the key key enterprises of China's large precision plastic moulds, China, China The key enterprises of the key foundry mould enterprises, including the key enterprises of the Chinese plastic profile extrusion die and the key key enterprises of China's special glass mould, have played the role of "leading the army".

2, the development of cluster mode of production.

Mold City (Park, gathering production base) and mold alliance can provide a wide range of services for the majority of mold enterprises. As an important part of the informatization promotion project of small and medium enterprises in the Ministry of information technology, the service platform of small and medium enterprises in mould industry -- the introduction of the construction project of lean R & D service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in mould industry will be a specific suit for the state to set up multiple forms of service platform for the medium and small enterprises in the real economy. It will help the construction of the park and improve the level of small and medium mold enterprises. The platform of public information service will be developed faster. The functions of its services and the promotion of the productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises will be more apparent.

In recent years, the production mode of mold cluster has been developed, and there are more than 50 "mould cities" in China. The "mould city" has been built in Dongguan Hengli mold City, Zhejiang Yuyao mold City, Kunshan Jiangsu mould industry experimentation area, Ninghai mold City, China (Botou) car mould town, Huanghua mold City, Changsha international model. City, Chengdu Mold Industrial Park, Beilun mold Park, Dalian mold city and so on have played an active role, at the same time extending the industrial chain, reducing the overall operating cost, promoting the internal competition in the cluster.

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