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The Difference Between The Double Color Mould And The Cover Mould
Nov 08, 2017

the difference between the double color mould and the cover mould

A. Double color molds: the two plastic materials are moulded on the same injection molding machine, and they are formed twice, but the mold is only produced once.

Generally, this molding process is also called double injection molding, which is usually completed by a set of molds and needs a special double-color injection molding machine.

The two kinds of plastic materials do not need to be moulded on the same injection molding machine.

After the product is removed from a set of mould, the second injection molding is put into another set of dies.

Therefore, generally this molding process is usually completed by two sets of molds, without the need for a special two-color injection molding machine.

Package plastic mould

Summary of double color mould and plastic bags. Plastic bags mould should be paid attention to in the design of hard rubber piece positioning, need to do is * of sealant and the has the opposite Angle hole on the plastic parts, prevent tensile plastic deformation. Double color mould is becoming more and more popular on the market at present, in this process can make the product more beautiful appearance, easy to change color and can not spray, but expensive, high technical requirements.

1. The two shapes of the Cavity are different, molding one kind of product.

The two shapes of Core are exactly the same.

2. After rotating 180o at the center of the mould, the mould must be consistent.

This check action must be done when designing.

3. Pay attention to the position of the pin hole, the minimum distance is 210mm.

Large molds must properly increase the number of punch holes.

Moreover, since the injection molding machine itself is not long enough with the thimble, we must design lengthened thimble in the mold, the thimble is about 150mm long.

Two positioning rings must be designed on the rear die bottom plate.

4. The total thickness of the front die panel and A plate cannot be less than 170mm.

Please check the other reference data of this type of injection molding machine, for example, maximum mold thickness, minimum modulus thickness, top rod hole distance, etc.

5. The water port of the three plate mould can be designed to automatically take off mode.

Special attention should be paid to the release of the soft glue mouth.

6. The depth of the front SPRUE should not exceed 65mm.

The distance from the top of SPRUE to the mould center is not less than 150mm.

7. In the design of the second injection molding, in order to avoid the first time the CAVITY (or rub) injury has been formed, a part of the product can be avoided.

But must be considered every seal adhesive strength, namely: in the injection molding, injection pressure, will there be in the big plastic deformation occurs, leading to the second injection may have a batch of front of may?

8. When injection molding, the product size of the first injection molding can be slightly larger, so that it can be pressed more tightly with another in the second forming to achieve the sealing effect.

9. Notice that in the second injection, whether the plastic flow will be impulsive for the first time that the product has been formed, so that its gelatine deformation?

If this is possible, be sure to find ways to improve.

10. Before the A and B modules, notice that the former Slider or Lifter will reset and crush the product first.

In this case, it is necessary to find A way to make the A and B board fit, and the SLIDER or LIFET of the former mold can be reset.

11. The water transportation arrangement of the two CAVITY and CORE is as full as possible, and the balance is the same.

12.99% of the situation is the hard glue part of the injection molding product and the soft glue part of the plastic product.

Because soft glue is easy to deform.


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