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The Innovation Of China's Die Industry Has Entered A New Stage From Tracking To Tracking And Running.
May 10, 2018

The innovation of China's die industry has entered a new stage from tracking to tracking and running.

At present, the innovation of China's die industry has entered a new stage from track oriented to tracking and running, and a number of enterprises have entered the first square of international manufacturing. In the future, mold products will continue to develop in large, multi-stage, multi-component, multi cavity, precision, high performance, and integrated directions. The mold enterprise has long been transformed into the product design and forming research into the downstream users of the mold. In the study of the mold and mold forming process, the mold forming process is provided, and the mold forming peripheral equipment is also provided, that is, the mould manufacturer is the partner integrator to provide the product with the downstream customers of the mold. Reconstructing the relationship between the mould and the user, providing a new model of the integral solution of the zero (part) parts of the precise service, which makes the mould enterprise become an important part of the inseparable molding equipment support for the future downstream customers.

In addition, from the perspective of market segmentation, the demand for mould in automobile manufacturing industry is increasing. In 2017, China's automobile production and marketing completed 2902 and 28 million 880 thousand vehicles. In the nine year of the year, the car production and marketing increased by 14.5% and 13.7% in the last nine years. In 2017, the production and marketing of commercial vehicles increased by 15.1% and 17.5%. The technology demand of automobile lightweight and the optimization of automobile parts provide a wider space for new technology and application of die and mould. 2016, 2017 new models and modified models are in the range of 400 to 500. The Chinese automobile is developing to the new function concept of data space, second residence space, office space and intelligent space. The interior change of autopilot era makes the future of automobile mold keep up with such needs in the field of innovation and application. Design and manufacture and mould synchronous development, manufacturing synergy and cost control, forming production control and mold assembly and debugging, etc. the automation forming production line and post mold service are all the comprehensive capability of the mold enterprise we provide; the (super) high strength steel sheet stamping die needed for the automobile lightweight manufacturing technology With fiber reinforced and multicolor injection mould, light alloy die casting and casting mould, it is destined to be the core forming guarantee for automobile manufacturing enterprises.

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