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The Market Competitiveness Of China's Die And Mould Enterprises Is Constantly Strengthened
Dec 14, 2017

The market competitiveness of China's die and mould enterprises is constantly strengthened

The mould has the name of "the mother of industry", and it belongs to the basic technological equipment in the industrial production. Nowadays, the mold industry of our country has developed a distinctive production base of the mould industry cluster, which provides a platform for the scientific development of mould enterprises. At the same time, the enterprise's innovation ability is also increasing, and has a number of independent intellectual property rights. In the future, China's die and mould enterprises will have a stronger competitiveness.

In the past ten years, the automobile industry in China has made great progress. Prospective industry research institute "and China automobile mould industry forecast demand and upgrade analysis report" shows, domestic car sales of 2 million 358 thousand and 500 vehicles by 2001 has rapidly increased to 18 million 505 thousand and 100 in 2011, an average annual compound growth rate of more than 20%, the automobile cover mold needs a large amount of car compound annual growth rate is as high more than 30%. At present, the output value of China's mold industry is over 100 billion yuan, and the automotive industry is one of the main applications of the mold industry. China has about 1/3 mold products for the automotive industry.

After decades of technological accumulation, China's mold industry has increased international exchanges and technological innovation in recent years. It has made significant breakthroughs in production technology, and enterprises are more competitive. The industry expects that in 2018, China's mold production and sales value will reach 10500 billion yuan.

Although the export of mold in China has been increasing in recent years, the level of international competitiveness has also improved. But most of them are concentrated in the middle and low sectors. The technology level of the mold is low, the added value is low, and some high precision molds depend on imports, so the domestic mold manufacturing industry should consolidate in all fields.

Throughout the development process, related industries and enterprises need to take a long-term perspective, the potential of the mind, pay close attention to research new technology and new process of the party, and gradually formed a division of labor, cooperation in various fields, a full range of scientific research and development pattern, launched with independent intellectual property rights of the mold products. Now, China's mould industry has absorbed advanced experience, advanced technology and high-level talents from foreign countries by introducing foreign capital, and the design and manufacturing level of our moulds has been greatly improved.

"With the increasing domestic demand in China, it is expected that in 2018, China's die industry will still have greater growth. In particular, the automobile industry has led to the rapid development of the Chinese mold industry and the rapid transformation and upgrading of the die and mould enterprises. Luo Baihui, a mould expert, believes that we must vigorously strengthen self innovation, and all industries need higher level mold and machinery equipment in changing the growth mode and optimizing the industrial structure, providing broad development space for the development of die industry.

More importantly, the implementation of the 12th Five-Year plan, the development strategy of the new strategic industry, the regional development plan and the policy of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry will provide a new growth point for the die industry. With the shift of manufacturing industry in developed countries to China, the die industry in China has a new round of development opportunities. It is predicted that in 2018, the value of the production and marketing of the mould will reach 10500 billion yuan.

At present Chinese mold industry encountered competition pressure are the main technology of developed countries and developing countries the advantages of price advantage, need to know the progress of industrial mold is not only Chinese, in recent years the development of mold industry in Southeast Asia and Eastern European countries is also very fast, it is obvious in the mold price advantage, which weakens the Chinese mold the industry has been the cost and price advantage to a certain extent. In addition, the strong challenge in the high-end mold Market in Japan, South Korea and Western Europe also faces great challenges for the Chinese mold industry.


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