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The Mould In Production Is Examined Every Day. Why Do We Need To Have A Physical Examination?
May 10, 2018

The mould in production is examined every day. Why do we need to have a physical examination?

People need regular physical examination, and the mold is also needed. People may be a medical examination once a year, but the mold is different, the mold in the production should be examined every day, then why should the physical examination? What is the physical examination? Please see the following, you know that the mold also needs regular physical examination.

In the injection machine done for the first level maintenance. The reason for the first class maintenance is that the mould will have the following conditions in production: there will be material spatter, the volatilization of the lubricating oil leads to the lack of lubrication, the loose parts cause the hidden trouble, and other conditions. It is very necessary to do first class maintenance.

1, in the production process, every 8 hours need to use cloth to wipe the dust, oil dirt, chips and other foreign matter on the parting surface. It is strictly prohibited to wipe the mirror face / facial mould kernel to prevent scratching.

2. In the process of production, a daily lubricant is applied to the sliding parts of the guide column and slider, and a thimble oil (white / transparent and other special products do not play the liquid top needle oil). Prevent wear or die.

3. In the process of production, each class should check the abnormal movements of the slider and the thimble, whether the top needle is too long, and whether the spring is broken, and if there is a problem, it should be stopped immediately.

4, in the production process, if found that the mold should immediately stop, and promptly notify the monitor processing, to prevent mold. It is strictly prohibited to directly use sticky pliers and knives to get sticky mould products, so as not to hurt the mold. Be careful when taking sticky products.

5, if the production stops, regardless of the time, it is necessary to turn off the chilled water immediately and prevent the mold from rusting.

6. If only the lower side mold is repaired, the mould on the machine platform should be protected to prevent damage to the mold.

7, before the lower die, the water and the water in the mold should be blown clean. After cleaning the parting surface, check whether the mold is damaged. If the mold has a problem to open the mold single cross mold group treatment, the product problem needs to provide 3 mold sample for repair die. If the mold is no problem, the spray rust inhibitor is sent to the unloading zone and put in neat.

8, when the mold has problems, please contact the mold group promptly, and strictly prohibit the personnel who do not know the mold technology privately dismantle and repair the mold, in order to prevent damage to the mold.

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