The New Year Will Take Place In The World's Most Unique Cross Year Tradition

- Dec 31, 2017 -

The new year will take place in the world's most unique cross year tradition

"Hundred miles of different winds and thousands of miles are different customs". In the old days of welcome to the new year, people from all over the world welcomed the new year with their ingenuity and unique way. Here we are looking for a unique cross - year tradition of all over the world. Local time, January 1, 2016, Sydney, Australia, set off gorgeous fireworks to meet the new year. Sydney New Year New Year activities activity is one of the world's largest, will attract one million visitors to watch every year, more than ten million of global visitors.


In December 27, 2017, local time in Kyoto, the local Chion monks rehearse the new year's Eve bell ceremony. Chion bell 3.3 meters high, 2.8 meters in diameter, weighing 70 tons, built in 1636, is one of Japan's largest clock.


Local time on December 28, 2017, Philippines, Quezon City, the local people to buy watermelon in the market, ready to welcome the new year. Filipinos believe that the preparation of 12 different round fruits on the eve of the new year will bring good luck in the new year.


December 23, 2017 local time, Guayaquil, Ecuador, vendors sell puppets that will be burned on the eve of the new year's Eve. The evening of December 31st, every family will begin to put the puppet heap together, and in the countdown to midnight after a whole street puppet together lit, symbolizing the past year of life are on fire, to greet the arrival of the new year.


In November 27, 2017, local time Holland people to burn Kampen, the carbide and carbide, water in the milk can ignite and then watch it explode to scare off evil spirits.


In December 29, 2017, local time, Medellin, Columbia, stores sold yellow underwear. The local people believe that the Yellow underwear in the new year will bring good luck.


Local time in January 1, 2017, Seoul, South Korea, local people prayed with candles at the Buddhist temple to greet the new year.


In December 29, 2017, local time, the United States of New York, the local people in Times Square for throwing confetti once a year New Year wishes activities.


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