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The Potential Threat To Japanese Moulds In The Chinese Mold Market
Dec 14, 2017

The potential threat to Japanese moulds in the Chinese mold Market

From smart phones to engineering machines, all products can not be produced without metal moulds. In the past, the Japanese mold industry led the world. Now both China and South Korea have become a big exporter of moulds. Japan has not yet lost to China and South Korea for high precision molds. However, China and South Korea, which are strengthened by the mold industry as the national policy, are likely to constitute a threat to Japan.

South Korea, which has imported moulds from Japan in the mid - 90s, has grown into an exporter. According to the data of Korea trade and investment promotion commune, South Korea's mold production in 2012 amounted to about 100 yuan, which is close to Japan, and 1/4 of them exported to Japan, China and the United States.

Hon Hai has more than 30 thousand die and mould technicians in China, which is equivalent to 1/3 of the national mould technicians in Japan. Hon Hai also has a school of mould and mold, full time education for young people for half a year, and 6000 graduates are delivered to the factory every year.

China is considered to have 10 10000 mold enterprises, which is ten times as large as that of Japan, and the scale of production is expanding rapidly. The export volume of moulds exported over 09 years is more than that of imports. In 2012, the export volume of moulds reached US $3 billion, which is close to Japan.

The secret of China, which is rapidly catching up with the major exporters of metal molds, is a completely different mold manufacturing method from Japan. China implements the flow of water through the tactics of the human sea, making it possible for the mass production of metal moulds. Will the Chinese mould threaten Japan's position in the end?

The statistics of the Institute of Economic Research of the Japan Machinery revitalization Association showed that China's export of metal molds in 2012 was $3 billion 300 million, approaching 3 billion 700 million US dollars in Japan. Although exports are less than 2 times the volume of "pure exports" of imports, Japan is still in China. However, there is still a view that China will become the world's largest exporter of metal molds. It's only a matter of time.

"The treatment of metal mold completely different way of thinking, to Chinese large metal mold factory inspection of the Japanese technicians can not conceal his surprise. In such a large factory, thousands of workers are working on the basis of design, component production, assembly, test and adjustment. It is this mass production plant that supports the rapid growth of the production of metal molds in China.

In contrast, the metal molds in Japan are produced by small and medium factories. Among some 8 thousand metal die makers in Japan, less than 10 of the small and medium sized and small enterprises with less than 10 employees accounted for more than 7. The all-around technician constantly sharpens his own carving technology, making the mold out of one. The working procedure shared by 10 people in China was covered by 1 people in Japan.

The advantage of the Chinese style human sea tactics is that it can be laid off in a short period of time. However, the disadvantages are also many, because only the division of labor, so can not grasp the carving technology, the turnover rate is very high. No business in China can produce a mold with a precision of up to 1/100 millimeters, and in Japan, there are many enterprises. The industry has said that the metal mold made in China is "the price of 7 in Japan." But the quality is only 7 in Japan.

However, China has begun to change. Chinese medium metal mold manufacturer Guosheng precision metal products factory (Guangdong, Shenzhen) executive Kitazawa Hirono said that "more and more enterprises realize that it is necessary to cultivate skilled technical personnel, the introduction of Japanese style metal mold manufacturing enterprises continue to increase".

China is not only in quantity, but also in the quality of Japan? In contrast, Kitazawa said, "the technical strength of metal molds is entirely dependent on talent." The improvement of the accuracy of the hybrid operation shows the national character "," that China is basically impossible to catch up with Japan.

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