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The Principle Of Technology For Preventing The Formation Of Pores In Aluminum Alloy Castings Should Be Followed
Oct 19, 2017

The principle of technology for preventing the formation of pores in aluminum alloy castings should be followed

Above analysis of the main factors of gas hole formation of aluminum alloy castings, and discusses a series of relevant preventive measures, to prevent generating pores and inclusions in the castings, obtain the fine quality of castings. From the analysis of casting process Angle, preventing stomatal formation, eliminating stoma and oxidative inclusion, we can summarize the three word process principles of "defense", "platoon" and "solution".

Prevention: to prevent water and dirt from entering the crucible or furnace.

"Row" is to remove oxide inclusions and hydrogen in aluminum liquid, because only the dispersion effectively remove suspended in liquid aluminum inclusion (mainly Al2O3), in order to prevent aluminium liquid hydrogen, eliminate to hydrogen

"Solution" : it is to make the hydrogen in the aluminum liquid partially or all solid dissolved in the alloy tissue during solidification, so as not to form the stomata in the casting.

So in aluminium alloy smelting arrangement and selection of "prevention", "line" and "solution" three sets of technological measures, we must follow the "just in case, and secondly to row" technology principle, but the best way to melting or remelting, focus should remain on the word "prevention".

Aluminium alloy melting or remelting, of course, to carry out the principle of "case is given priority to, line up as the auxiliary pole", the correct implementation of "prevention", "line" and "solution" three sets of technological measures, must also have high melting operation skill, melting operation basic skills include: refining equipment, furnace smelting tool preparation and processing, solvents, inoculant prefabricated, refining, metamorphic slag technique, mixing operation skills and reasonable casting and so on, we only have the good basic operation, can effectively prevent the formation of aluminum alloy casting porosity.

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