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The Reason Of The Defect Of Plastic Injection Molding And Its Remedy​(3)
Nov 01, 2017

The Reason Of The Defect Of Plastic Injection Molding And Its Remedy(3)

Shrinkage mark

1. Characteristics of defect of injection molding

Usually associated with surface marks, and plastic from the surface of the mold to shrink from forming.

2. Possible causes of problems

(1). The melting temperature is either too high or too low.

(2) insufficient plastic in mold cavity.

(3) the surface of contact plastic is overheating during the cooling phase.

(4) the flow path is unreasonable and the gate section is too small.

(5). Whether the mold temperature is suitable for plastic properties.

(6). The product structure is not reasonable

(7). The cooling effect is not good, and the product continues to contract after it dies.

3. Remedies

(1). Adjust the temperature of the firing cylinder.

(2) adjust the screw speed to get the correct screw surface speed.

(3) increase the amount of injection.

(4). Ensure that correct bedding is used;

Increasing the screw forward time;

Increase injection


Increase injection speed.

(5) check whether the check valve is installed correctly because the abnormal operation can cause pressure

Power loss.

(6). Reduce the surface temperature of the mold.

(7). Avoid excessive pressure loss by rectifying the channel;

Expand properly according to actual needs

Large section size.

(8). According to the characteristics of the plastic used and the product structure to control mold temperature properly.

(9) to improve the product structure under permitted circumstances.

Try to keep the product cool enough.

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