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The Scientific And Technological Competition Of Mould Industry Has Gradually Surfaced
Nov 28, 2017

The scientific and technological competition of mould industry has gradually surfaced

Mold industry after long-term development, the current rise in the period. In this stage, enterprises should adopt the development mode of how to die, become the major mold enterprises actively think about. Persistent price war gradually accepted by the enterprise, science and technology competition gradually surfaced. The domestic mold industry in the low-end mold industry in the world. This level of science and technology situation and the whole industry is low, the price war continued. The mold industry to develop, must continue to increase funding for research and development, increase content of science and technology, produce the core competitiveness of the products. To increase product development efforts, can really change the current mode of competition . why domestic mold industry has been playing the price war? Currently engaged in mold manufacturing enterprises more, but the scale is relatively small, basically a small workshop mode, technology content is very low. The small mold enterprise products are imitation, leading to more homogeneous mold more and low-end mold enterprises have. Faced with overcapacity, inventory problems. The mold enterprise in order to improve sales, will reduce the price of the product. Some mold companies have cut prices, resulting in the entire industry in trouble, the profits of enterprises less. When the enterprise profits continue to compress, no extra funds for product development. Within the industry long-term price war, will make the whole industry affected. Improve the technological content of the enterprise should Chinese mold products, from the current price war to the competition of science and technology. From the current market share not only profit, become the common market share common profit. Chinese believe that enterprises in the change of means of competition, the enterprise's production level can greatly enhance, effectively get rid of vicious competition, let the mold industry strive for further improvement. Source: China machinery network all peeroriginator. If infringement, please contact the network immediately, we will be in a timely manner.

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