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The Specific Operation Method Of Saving Deformation Workpiece In Mold Heat Treatment
Oct 20, 2017

The specific operation method of saving deformation workpiece in mold heat treatment

The realization of mould new technology, the mould quality receives more and more attention.

Quality is often a new topic, and the quality improves with the improvement of mold technology.

Surface heat treatment has been widely used nowadays, which has some effect on the workpiece, but also has negative influence.

This paper describes the specific operation of the deformation workpiece in mold heat treatment.

The workpiece will be deformed when the process or operation is in error, and the workpiece that USES the surface heat treatment to be deformed can be operated according to the following steps:

1. The workpiece does not change the phase change of the volume change, so it does not produce the tissue stress, only the thermal stress resulting from different heat contraction of the core and surface.

2. The surface of the workpiece is sharply contracted and compresses stress on the core of the higher temperature plasticity, so that the workpiece produces plastic shrinkage deformation along the direction of the leading stress, which is the mechanism of heat treatment shrinkage treatment.

3. After heating at Ac1 temperature, the yield strength of surface heat treatment is different, and the plastic shrinkage deformation achieved by thermal stress is different.

4. The heating temperature of the shrinkage should be selected according to Ac1, and it should be ensured that it is not hardened when the water is chilled

5. The heating time should ensure that the workpiece is sufficiently hot and fully heated, and the hot and cold shrinkage method can be heated under the temperature of Ac1, which can be contracted to handle various surface heat treatment.

If the temperature is not controlled well and the workpiece is distorted, we can try to correct it by using the above method.

The proper use and maintenance of hot surface molds is also a major factor to improve mold quality.

For example: mould installation way should be appropriate, in the case of a hot runner, the power supply connection to correct, the cooling water to meet the design requirements, the mold in the production of injection molding machine, die-casting machine, the parameters of the press should be consistent with the design requirements, and so on.

In the correct use of mold, still need to regular maintenance of the mold, the mold of the guide pin, guide sleeve, and other parts with relative motion would often filling lubricating oil, such as forging mold, plastic mould, die-casting mould mold before each mold forming lubricant should be spray or stripping agent on the surface of formed parts

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