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What Is Plastic Mold?
Nov 21, 2017

What is plastic mold?

Plastic mold is also an injection mold, which is a device for producing (usually large quantities) plastic parts or products by forming cavities (one or more), forming the shape required by the product.

The mould cavity is composed of die cavity and mold parts as the core parts called. The die is installed on the injection molding machine, and the die cavity is filled in the following order of time (usually automatic):

1, die closing

2. Inject (hot, almost flowing) plastic into the mold cavity

3. Keep the mold in place until the plastic cooling is able to be pushed out

4, open mold

5. Ejecting plastic products

6, if necessary, injection molding machine can extend the mold opening (MO) time, do the next (injection) cycle preparation.

The molding cycle is defined as the length of time between the injection and the injection of the next injection in the fully automatic operation. But usually people use the number of injections per minute (or hour) to represent productivity, rather than the length of a few seconds of the molding cycle.

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