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Why Is The Prospect Of China's Automobile Die Industry Very Broad?
May 10, 2018

Why is the prospect of China's automobile die industry very broad?

With the increase of automobile production in China, domestic and foreign automobile die and mould enterprises have been able to meet the hot domestic demand and export demand to some extent. At the same time, it also creates a good opportunity for the upgrading and replacement of the automobile die industry in China. It can be seen that the prospect of China's automobile die industry is very broad.

In the plan of mould industry in 12th Five-Year, it has been put forward clearly that the future automobile mould industry should develop to the high, fine and sharp direction, which puts forward higher requirements for the development of current automobile molds in our country. Looking back at the dribs and drabs along the way, China's automobile dies have undergone many leaps and bounds. The rapid development of China's automobile industry has brought broad development space for domestic automobile dies. In addition, due to cost and market factors, the focus of mold manufacturing in developed countries has gradually shifted to developing countries represented by China. The comprehensive factors at home and abroad have promoted the rapid development of the domestic automobile die industry, and many new automobile mold enterprises have emerged. According to statistics, in 2012, China's key mold enterprises reached nearly 110. Among them, stamping die accounts for about 37%, China has become a real automobile mold manufacturing power.

The automobile die production capacity of our country has a great advantage in the world. However, because of the slow technological upgrading, technological innovation ability and the insufficient application ability of the new technology, the high end mold development ability of the domestic high-end auto mold enterprises can not fully meet the needs of the domestic automobile industry. There is still a large part of the automotive die that depends on imports. Therefore, the domestic automobile mold industry needs to fill this short board as soon as possible, in order to make up for the great deficiency of China's automobile die industry.

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