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Shenzhen WT Hardware and Plastics Limited

contact:Henry yang

Mobile: +86-8923768676

Tel: +86-755-27673590, 23143539
Fax: +86-755-23143536
Add: 5B2, Jiangshi Building, Fuyong, Shenzhen, China
Our main products: Injection Mold, Molding Parts, Die Casting Mold, CNC machining of high quality


WT Is High Quality Plastic Mold And Molding Factory Located In Shenzhen
Nov 26, 2017

We WT is high quality plastic mold and molding factory located in Shenzhen.

WT industry is a factory with 10 years experence ,specialized in plastic mold making and plastic parts injeting,CNCparts maching. ofcourse ,Mold is our flagship product. Delivery time is usually 30-35days.As for the price depends on the size of the mold and the number of products.If you have a project to go on.  In order to proceed the communication fast and smoothly, we need the below information:

1 We need 3D drawings saved as stp” “igs” “step” “igesformat, but Please do not send files converted from stlformat.

If you do not have 3D files, please try to send us 2D files.

2 How many Pcs do you need this time? Do you have repeated orders in the future? If Yes, how many?

3 Whats the material of the injection parts?

4 Whats the colors or any surface finish required of the product?

5 Do you have any other useful information related with your project which you feel important?

Looking forward to global partnerships or partnerships!!!!

Plastic injection mold casting mold open mold to find WT-mold.jpg

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